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Join a personalized wine experience as you learn the story behind the wines, ask all your wine questions, play fun wine games, and have a blast!

You’ll get to taste delicious wines, selected by Dima, Wine Educator and Founder of Curated Pour.

Try it for yourself to see how our tasting events are ideal for office parties, team building, holidays and celebrations.

Request a free tasting demo at your business location. Contact Dima Jarjour

Why to book a tasting with Curated Pour

  • Ideal for office parties
  • Fun activity for team building
  • Great for celebrations and holidays
  • Explore New Wines, learn how to taste like a pro, and how to pair food with wine
  • Convenience and comfort at your preferred location (office, residence, club)


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Ideally a dining table indoors or outdoors with enough space for tasting wine and sharing appetizers and asking questions.

The wines will be kept at the right temperature using proper coolers and insulation.

Curated Pour will provide wine glassware and set up the table. Used glasses will then be cleared at the end of the event.

Curated Pour will not provide decoration or props. Only wine tasting supplies will be provided.

Curated Pour does not provide catering. However, cheeseboards and cold appetizers can be arranged at request. We can also suggest food pairings to go with the served wine.

This is a wine tasting event only, so no wine sales will take place. However, a buy guide will be provided at the tasting for the selected wines and where to find them.




Tell me about your style, preferences, concerns, and your event details, like date, occasion, number of people, type of setting..etc. 



Once we agree on the details, you will receive my offer with the selected wines and appetizers menu.  



Confirm the tasting event details, as per the offer. Make sure to check if there are any changes you need to make.  Then sign and email the event contract. 



We’ll do a quick reminder before the tasting to make sure everything is going according to plan. Details will be checked again to ensure a smooth delivery. 



On the day of the event, our team will deliver the wines, appetizers and glassware, as planned, and set up the tasting table(s) in preparation for the wine tasting. The wine educator will pour the wines, tell you the stories behind each variety or label, and answer all your questions. 



If the event meets your expectations and delivers an excellent outcome, your review and referral will be much appreciated. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly updates, and follow us on social media. 

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